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Sustainable Corporate Uniforms  

We at GreenCare would like to recommend to corporate clients the use of “Repreve®” fabrics for their corporate uniforms. More information about Repreve® fabric is available on


Our supplier may provide various styles of corporate uniforms using Repreve® fabric: t-shirts, baseball caps, and windbreakers, in different sizes and colors, with customized logo and design. Click HERE to view product examples.

  • Currently we are producing and using 300 million tons of plastic each year worldwide

  • ONLY 50% are recycled

  • Over 8 million tons of these plastics are dumped into our ocean 

  • “Repreve®” is made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles)


  • Using “Repreve®” fabrics will help reduce plastic waste and greenhouse effect caused by energy used to produce traditional fabrics  

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